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We make all kinds of things for all kinds of people...


...From movies and snaps to websites and apps


we make films - short's, doc's and promo's for clients like the Film Agency, the NHS, Rondo Media, the Welsh Government and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. We've also helped independent performers and artists realise their visions for exhibitions, installations and the web, offering our skills in production and post production for projects big and small.


we provide a number of services to the tv industry, from graphics to editing, directing and Dop-ing. We've worked for networks like the BBC, ITV, S4C and Sky, and for independent companies including Boomerang, Apollo, Tidy, Fiction Factory, Telegenic, Working Word, Trac Record, Wordley, Modern TV, Ceidiog and more...


we've popped our shutters for a huge variety of clients over the years. we've provided branding for small and not-so-small business alike. For the BBC and S4C, for the NHS, for theatre companies, at Glastonbury, for artists, musicians, models, events companies, clothing companies, homeware companies, farmers, climbers, surfers, skaters, free-runners... The list goes on!


we've offered web design and hosting to many of the clients who's names you see under the other headings here - when we've shot or developed for them, we've often helped share that online, too. Then there are those who've come to us specifically for web and ecommerce and have gone away with much more!


we've pioneered many things in the field of immersive imaging - we've collaborated with many artists, institutions and other compaines, including ThinkTank Birmingham to create the first live-action 360 movie entered into the immersive film festival and the first theatre performance under a video dome.


we code! from our unique immersive imaging solutions to our innovative childrens apps, we develop across virtually all platfroms from Windows Mac and Linux on the desktop to iOS and Android mobile devices - not forgetting cross platfrom web based apps that run in almost any browser.


Here are a few examples of the things we've been involved with lately...


We have worked with Filmcafe on several projects. Their technical excellence and expertise have enabled us to maintain our reputation for producing high quality communications within the healthcare sector. On a personal note, Filmcafe has always proved reliable, trustworthy and able to deliver within budget and deadline, making them ideal partners for us going forward. We actively anticipate working with Filmcafe on future projects.

Jon Matthias, 1000 Lives Plus, NHS Wales




At filmcafe HQ, we got fed up of accidentally cutting off the music halfway through our favourite songs just by quitting Chrome, so we knocked up a dedicated browser as an app that loads Google Music and nothing else. It runs beautifully in Fullscreen under Lion and won't be closed by accident! Out of sight and out of mind, all this can be yours in a click! - download it here



filmcafe's steve was sitting with his niece one day and he decided that we'd make an app to combine a few of her favourite things - namely, dinosaurs and shouting! iRoar was born and much roaring followed! You too can be deafened by children or adults competing to be the best iRoarosaur! Click here to download for iOS

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If you'd like to get in touch with us to discuss something delightfully digital, please drop us an email to mail@filmcafe.co.uk

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